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Issue Two, $12-$20

The 2020 issue of Snail Trail is printed on Cougar Digital Smooth Text White 70lb and bound with Londonderry Linen Thread in Redwood. The accordion spine is printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Cover Soft White 100lb.

Featuring Ryan Bollenbach, Jennifer Calkins with Anne de Marcken, Paul Cunningham, Sarah Dowling, Kenning JP García, Tracy Jane Gregory, Nadine Antoinette Maestas, and Dana Venerable.

Cover art by Tracy Jane Gregory.

Issue Two is available to order on a sliding-scale pricing of $12, $16, and $20.

Issue One, $10

The first issue of Snail Trail is printed on Cougar Digital Text 70 lb. white and Springhill Digital Opaque Offset 60 lb. orchid. The flyleaf is mango paper, olive or black. The cover paper was handmade by us out of recycled paper with inclusions of mosses, black locust seedpods, dandelion seeds, flower petals, Lunaria annua seedpods and other backyard found plant matter. Little bits bound by caring hands.

Featuring works by Ching-In Chen, Allison Morton, Katelyn Oppegard, and Eric Sneathen; an essay by Dao Strom; and an interview with Joyelle McSweeney.

Cover art by Allison Morton.

Issue One is currently sold out. Please email snailtrailpress [at] gmail to inquire about any remaining copies..