Snail Trail Press

General Guidelines

While our press focuses on ecocritical works, we encourage a wide interpretation of this term. We see ecopoetics as anything examining, explicitly or not, the various aspects of Earth’s systems and occupants. This could be a careful examination or questioning of one’s role and interactions within these systems. What is the legacy and interplay of the forces of life, matter, energy, history, and power? What is use and waste? What is impact? What flows in and around us? What role do we and other living beings play? What role do non-living, intangible, or ephemeral forces play? These are only a few of the potential questions we welcome everyone to investigate in the works submitted to our press.

We encourage experimentation with language and form and believe artists should take risks with their creative and critical works, but please exhibit care and intention with your choices. We will refuse submissions that harm and exploit marginalized voices and communities.

We do not charge submission fees.

Please do send pet pictures, particularly snails, for our enjoyment.

Journal Submissions

We publish issues biannually in the spring and fall. Submissions for our Spring/Summer 2020 issue are now closed. Please check back in June 2020 to submit to our Fall/Winter issue.