Snail Trail Press



We are grateful for the kindness of friends near and far, without whom Snail Trail would not exist. Our many thanks to the Creative Writing and Poetics program at the University of Washington Bothell, in particular to Amaranth Borsuk and Ted Hiebert for their enthusiasm and support and to Jeanne Heuving for creating a space where all kinds of thinking can happen. Thank you as well to Thea Quiray Tagle for the conversations that helped shape our understanding of ecopoetics.

Thank you to everyone who extends care, excitement, and generosity daily, within and outside of poetry, especially Abraham Avnisan, Peter Brooks, Zack Brown, Peter Buller, Matt Connolly, Sarah Dowling, C.R. Grimmer, Corbin Louis, Reed Lowell, Robbie Luders and Prestin BonnLuders, Jordyn Melendez, Ashley Noelle, Jiwon Ohm, Abi Polokoff, Juan Robaina, Travis Sharp, Dana Venerable, and Ryo Yamaguchi.

Thank you to Sherlock, Dru-Kitty, Orange Man, Ginny, Gertie, and all the more-than-human beings in our lives who provide constant love and affection.

A special thank you to Ching-In Chen, Joyelle McSweeney, Allison Morton, Katelyn Oppegard, Eric Sneathen, and Dao Strom, for sharing and trusting us with your work.

And finally, of course, to all the snails we encounter during quiet walks after rain and in our gardens. Thank you for the resilience shown that encourages our movements forward.