Snail Trail Press


As artists, we often consider the relationship between the materials we utilize and the works that they contain. We are interested in what material choices say about the art and artist, form and function.

We desire to make thoughtful choices in the creation of our physical and digital press. To the best of our ability, we strive to choose materials that do as little damage to the living and nonliving components of our world. However, we understand that in today’s world, making ethical choices is a complex, intersectional, and nuanced undertaking. Issues such as location, availability, financial accessibility, and interpreting what constitutes best practices can present challenges and obstacles to what humans may ideally wish to do in their material interactions.

At Snail Trail Press, we will always think about how our materials are sourced, created, distributed, as well as the impact they will have over time, and we will make choices that reflect these complex connections between material and art.