Snail Trail Press

Woogee Bae

Woogee Bae writes poems and edits at Snail Trail Press. She received her MFA from the University of Washington Bothell. Her writing can be found in P-QUEUE, Poetry Northwest, Tagvverk, and elsewhere.

Aya Bram

Aya Bram is a printmaker, fiber artist, and poet. Her work interweaves history, language, performance, and craft to create artscapes that reflect the nuances of mental illness and the complexities of mourning / mortality. She lives in Seattle with her weird little family, doggo, and somewhat-feral-familiar-witch-cat.

Katelyn Oppegard

Katelyn Oppegard is a Seattle poet who has a dog and lives in a van. All of which is temporary, a thing that preoccupies her and much of her writing. 

Past Editors: Amy Jones

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