Snail Trail Press

General Overview

While our journal focuses on ecopoetics, we encourage a wide interpretation of this term. We see ecopoetics as anything examining, explicitly or not, the various aspects of Earth’s systems and inhabitants. What role do we and other living beings play? What role do non-living, intangible, or ephemeral forces play? What is the legacy and interplay of the forces of life, matter, energy, history, and power? What does ecopoetics mean in the lens of:

  • Decolonization | Settler colonialism
  • Militarism | Imperialism
  • Waste | Compost | Plastics | Sustainability
  • Food | Farming | Factories | Labor
  • Animals | Plants | Water
  • Ambient | Inorganic matter | Weather
  • Reproduction | Fertility | Disease
  • Maps | Borders
  • Technology | Machines

These are only a few of the potential questions we welcome everyone to investigate in the works submitted to our journal.

We encourage experimentation with language and form and believe artists should take risks with their creative and critical works, but please exhibit care and intention with your choices. We will refuse submissions that harm and exploit marginalized voices and communities.

We do not charge any fees.

Contributors receive one copy of the print publication. Although we cannot pay writers at this time, we are actively working to operate as a journal that can compensate contributors for their time and labor.

We accept simultaneous submissions, though we ask that you let us know immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We reserve first publishing rights after which publishing rights will revert to the author. Please acknowledge Snail Trail if published elsewhere after.

Please do send pet pictures, particularly snails, for our enjoyment.

Guidelines to Share Work

We are not currently accepting submissions for 2022. We hope to open submissions again in Spring 2023.